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Saturday, October 26th Schedule

9:00 am Festival Starts all activities begins: Canoeing, Fishing, Bird Watching, etc.  

9:30 am Live entertainment begins

9:30 AM    Back Porch Bandits
10:40 AM  Greenwood Sidee

10:20 AM  Sonoran Audubon Society
11:40 AM  Henry & Joel
1:00 PM    Back Porch Bandits
2:20 PM    Greenwood Sidee
2:10 PM    Henry & Joel

More about our entertainment: 

The Back Porch Bandits have provided energetic, expert string-band music at concerts, festivals and public and private gatherings for over fifteen years! A mix of bluegrass, Old-Time, cowboy/country, folk and originals comprises their “Banditgrass” music, appealing to wide audiences.

Greenwood Sidee, founded in 2008, has won numerous awards throughout Arizona, including First Place two years in a row at the Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival and 2nd Place at the 2013 Pickin’ in the Pines Band Competition. Classically trained violinist Giselle Lee took up fiddle and Clawhammer banjo after falling in love with Old Time music. Giselle has won awards in both fiddle and banjo competitions. Mark Hickler grew up in a musical family surrounded by the eclectic sounds of jazz, blues, and old time music. Mark focused on banjo, especially old time styles, and was influenced by the recordings of string bands of the 1930's. He delights in updating and bringing these historic sounds to life. Elisia Simmons is a metal-smith, musician, and book enthusiast that likes murder ballads, the blues, and old-time style rock and alternative covers. She sings both lead vocal and harmony, plays the Appalachian Dulcimer, and dabbles with a few other instruments. Greenwood Sidee is not only about Old Time music, they also enjoy performing the work of modern artists such as Regina Spektor and Bob Dylan.

HENRY THOME AND JOEL DOWLING  Henry and Joel have been playing music together for over 40 years!  They began their long partnership in 1969, with an extended engagement at a pizza parlor in Phoenix, Arizona, but their individual stories predate even that long-ago event. Henry and Joel perform a broad catalog of music from classic country hits to original music to obscure roots and Americana tunes that keep audiences coming back for more.

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Dates: Fall: October 26, 2013 & Spring: March 8-9, 2014   Times: 9:00 - 4:00    FREE ADMISSION!
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